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Petal Coasters / Glasunderlägg

English below ↓

Dessa glasunderlägg var ett av de första mönster jag gjorde och ritade ett litet diagram på. Idag har jag uppdaterat mönstret som nu är skrivet i text och innehåller bilder på varje varv.

Jag rekommenderar ett bomullsgarn till detta mönster som passar till virknål 3.0 – 3.5 mm, tex bomull i 8/4 kvalité.

Till mina underlägg har jag använt nål 3.5 mm och garnet Scheepjes Catona. Färg 179, 394 och 402 till underlägget i framkant på den vänstra bilden och färg 179, 385 och 393 till underlägget på bilden till höger. De är ca 11 cm i diameter.

These coasters where one of the first patterns I made and draw a tiny chart for. Today I have updated this pattern to a fully written pattern with pictures for each row.

I recommend a cotton yarn for this pattern that is suitable for hook 3.0 – 3.5 mm (fingering).

I used hook 3.5 mm and Scheepjes Catona yarn for my coasters. The coaster in front of the left photo is made with color 179, 394 and 402 and the coaster in the right picture is made with color 179, 385 and 393.

Mönster / Pattern:

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Svenska: Petal Glasunderlägg
English (US terms): Petal Coasters
Dutch: Petal Coasters


22 thoughts on “Petal Coasters / Glasunderlägg

  1. Thank you SO much. You are, by far, my favorite…..designer, crocheter 😊


  2. There must be some kind of magic required to achieve the quality of crochet I see in everything you create, Johanna … I doubt that even were I to live for another 20 years (!) I could turn out such perfectly NEAT and EVEN work. Not to mention beautiful ! Sighhh …

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  3. Very pretty. A friend and I drove 45 minutes to another town yesterday just to go to a yarn shop we heard about. There I saw Scheepjes yarn for the first time. It is so beautiful. I didn’t buy any because I need to finish all my current projects but I will use it to make a Lost in Time blanket later.


    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I do love Scheepjes yarn and the color range they provide. I dont have any store selling it where I live so I order online to get my hands on it. A true joy to work with 🙂

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  4. Hello Mijo from Australia,

    Thank you so much for your generous spirit of sharing and your fabulous designs. I have ordered yarn for Lost in time and have started the project, I used your colour guide but it looks very different to the patten diagrams. I am up to row 14 but your colours are very different, I only realised because I am using a black & white copy, I hopped on line to check a stitch and noticed your colour scheme is very different from what is written on the colour chart the multi colour version. Did I get it wrong? I have just been using ginger gold and topaz so far…. I can see that the colours do change but your colours look splendid should I go back…. Hmm

    Warm regards Ingrid



    1. Hi Ingrid!
      Yes the pictures in the patterns doesnt show the correct colors according to the color guide. So just go with what the color guide says and you will end up with the same multi colored shawl that I made 🙂


  5. Thank you for sharing this pattern for coasters with me. You are a very talented artist. I’m looking forward to starting on your pattern soon. Best regards to you and your family. pam

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