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Lacy Day Poncho

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Lacy Day Ponchon är en löst virkad poncho i det supermjuka garnet Scheepjes Eliza (färg 232 på bilden ovan) från Favoritgarner. Endast tre nystan Eliza behövs till denna luftiga poncho och det finns många vackra färger att välja bland, både solida och melerade. Jag har använt virknål 5,5 mm men använd gärna en större virknål om det är svårt att hålla masktätheten lös och luftig. Mer information hittar du i mönstret längre ner på sidan.

The Lacy Day Poncho is a loosely crocheted poncho made with the super soft Scheepjes Eliza yarn from Favoritgarner. You only need three skeins to make this lacy poncho and there are many pretty colours to choose from, both solid and mixed ones. I used hook 5.5 mm but please use a bigger size if it is hard to keep the tension loose. More information is provided in the pattern further down the page.


Denna härliga Lacy Day Poncho är virkad av Anna Nilsson som står bakom den inspirerande bloggen AnnaVirkpanna. Här har också Scheepjes Eliza använts men i färgen 223.

This lovely Lacy Day Poncho is made by Anna Nilsson that is behind the inspiring blog AnnaVirkpanna. She also used  Scheepjes Eliza but the colour 223.

Jag lägger ner mycket tid och kärlek både på att arbeta fram och skriva mina mönster, så om du använder mina mönster och lägger ut på sociala medier önskar jag att du länkar eller hänvisar till min blogg samt använder #mijocrochet och #lacydayponcho ❤ Mönstret får endast användas för privat bruk, copyright Mijo Crochet.

I spend alot of time and love in creating and writing down my patterns, so please, if you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias link or refer to my blog and use #mijocrochet and #lacydayponcho  ❤ This pattern is only for personal use, copyright Mijo Crochet.

Mönster / Pattern

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Svenska: Lacy Day Poncho
English (US terms): Lacy Day Poncho
Portuguese: Lacy Day Poncho
French: Lacy Day Poncho
German: Lacy Day Poncho
Spanish: Lacy Day Poncho
Indonesian: Lacy Day Poncho
Hungarian: Lacy Day Poncho
Slovak: Lacy Day Poncho
Danish: Lacy Day Poncho


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My Facebook group Mijo Crochet Hangout is a place where you can ask questions, share pictures and socialize with other fellow crocheters.

Meine Facebook-Gruppe Mijo Crochet Hangout ist ein Platz wo Sie Fragen stellen können, Ihre Bilder posten und sich mit anderen Häkler/innen verbinden können.

46 thoughts on “Lacy Day Poncho

  1. Your poncho is beautiful and exactly what I was looking for to use up some yarn I purchased for a poncho. Thank you very much.


      1. Thank you for the beautiful and easy pattern. I have 1 small problem. Row 5 and 23. Why chain 5? That gives a chain space between 2 triple crochet- but there is no space between the other 2 triples, and on the other point of the poncho – it is also only two triples, chain 1, 2 triples…..


      2. Hi and thank you!
        This is to create a ch-1 sp in on each tip of the poncho. 5 ch (= 1 tr + 1 ch). When you end the row you make the last tr of that first tip. Each tip is 2 tr, ch1, 2tr.
        I hope this helps 🙂
        Kind regards,


    1. Why do you say free pattern when you cant get it anywhere. I’m very disappointed in this site


      1. Su comentario es un poco feo 😔 ya que viene perfectamente explicado donde lo tiene que descargar y agradecer a mijocrochet por su trabajo gratuito, muy pocas hacen esto.
        Yo lo he descargado y comprado la misma lana pero en otro color.
        Gracias mijocrochet por su trabajo desinteresado.


  2. Congratulation on your first Poncho. It’s very nice. I’m going to make this.
    QUESTION…may I have your permission to share this pattern with my crochet group and my cancer group?
    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Once again, I say, “Thank You So Much”. Wish I had found this earlier as I am limited for time and have already made a gift for my awesome granddaughter-in-law. Will make this one for a later day; would love one myself. It is so, so beautiful.
    God Bless,


  4. I love this poncho! Is it possible to add some length to it? If so, how would you recommend I do so? I’m making this as a gift for my best friend and she wants to be about to cover her butt entirely.


  5. Hej! Vilket härligt mönster, tack för att du delar med dig! Jag bor i Finland och har inte lyckats hitta garnet du använt. Funderar på om det skulle fungera med Secret Garden, givetvis med större nr av virknålen. Vad tror du? Tacksam för svar!


  6. hello sorry 🙂 i’m currently trying to make this lovely poncho.. 🙂 just want to make sure if i’m following the pattern correctly. English (us terms) – meaning DC is Treble crochet? (in UK). I was used to UK terms 🙂 i just wanna make sure 🙂 I’m on my 7th row now. and i’m enjoying it 🙂 i get anxious a bit when i look at the photo, the height of the stitches arent the same with mine tho i’m using a bigger hook size which is 6. Thank you so much for sharing and creating this pattern!!!! appreciate your creativity a bunch! :* (sorry i’m a beginner) 🙂


      1. Hello 😀 Thank you so much for the reply! I’m almost done with it and on my last 4 rows. Thank you so much for your creativity shared!

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Desde Argentina quiero agradecerte y felicitarte. Preciosos tus trabajos en crochet y gracias por tu generosidad al brindarlos.


  8. Hola, es hermoso el chal, tengo un hilo palo rosa que será perfecto para este proyecto; descargue sin problema el patrón, muy agradecida.
    Saludos desde Punta Arenas, Chile


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