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Lost in Time – Key Lime Pi

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Efter att ha sett så många Lost in Time-sjalar virkas i Scheepjes Whirl var jag bara tvungen att också göra en. Många undrar hur många repetitioner av mönstret ett nystan Whirl räcker till och hur stor sjalen blir. Här kommer lite fakta om min Lost in Time gjord i Whirl.

Jag valde färgen 780, Key Lime Pi, och gjorde totalt fem repetitioner av mönstret.

Virknål: 3.5 mm (jag virkar ganska löst)

Virkfastighet: Efter varv nio (varvet innan första popkornvarvet) har sjalen följande mått: överkant 21,5 cm, sidorna 13 cm och djup 9 cm (efter blockning).

Storlek: Måtten på den färdiga sjalen, efter blockning, är följande: överkant 164 cm, sidorna 112 cm, djup 70 cm (tofsarna ej medräknade).

Mönstret till Lost in Time finns här.

Jag rekommenderar att blocka dina virkade sjalar för att framhäva maskdefinitionen, få en snyggare form och bättre fall. Känner du dig osäker på hur man gör finns det beskrivet här.

I have seen so many beautiful Lost in Time shawls made with Scheepjes Whirl and I needed to make one for myself. Many ask about how many repetitions of the pattern you can make with one Whirl cake and how big the shawl will turn out. So I decided to share some facts about my Lost in Time made with Whirl.

I used the colour 780, Key Lime Pi, and made a total of five repetitions of the pattern.

Hook: 3.5 mm (I crochet quite loose)

Gauge: After row 9 (the row before the first popcorn row) my shawl had the following measurement: upper edge 21,5 cm, sides 13 cm and spine 9 cm (after blocking).

Size: The measurement of the finished shawl, after blocking, is: Upper edge 164 cm, sides 112 cm and spine 70 cm (tassels not included).

You can find the pattern for Lost in Time here.

I recommend to block your crocheted shawls to increase the stitch definition, get a better shape and a more beautiful drape. A small tutorial how to block is available here.


54 thoughts on “Lost in Time – Key Lime Pi

  1. I’m making this shawl and I’m nearly finished the third repetition. I am using a beautiful Australian merino wool in several colours. It’s looking beautiful and I’m thrilled with it so far. Your pattern is so easy to read and follow and I love how you included the stitch count after every row. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern.

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      1. This information can be aquired on my FAQ page:
        No, since this is a free pattern there is no stitch count after row 26, also note that the repetitions can be repeated any numbers of times. To help you along the way, this is how the stitches increases: All rows with single crochets increases with 2 stitches / side and all rows with double crochets increases with 4 stitches / side.

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  2. Hello! I am from argentina and i love all your designs.. I just want to ask you if you can explain me hiw to block the rows brcause i really do not know. Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us


      1. thanks for your reply! Could I also check if you did 5 or 6 sets of the popcorn rows in total?

        Wasn’t sure whether your repetitions included the first set. Thanks!


      2. Great, that is much appreciated! I ordered a Whirl and wanted to make sure the last colour change was used. I crochet tightly so I’ll probably go with a 4mm hook so I reach the last colour. 🙂


  3. I am using Schweppes Catona in multi color for the Lost in Time shawl. I purchased the colors and amounts as listed but can you guide me to which colors for each row. I want to make sure I don’t run out! Love your color combinations!


  4. Beautiful pattern. But I’m stuck.
    I am on the second repeat of the pattern, row 24 and have somehow missed a ch-2 space. I end up with 14 groups of 8dc with 1 ch2 space remaining on the first side.

    Is there a table with stitch counts for every row?


  5. Thanks so much for making this pattern available. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve got 40 years of looking behind me! It’s lovely that you provided the colors row by row, but you’ve really challenged my creativity, so I’m going to make up my combinations with the colors that I have on hand (lace-weight yarn from all my shawls). Also wanted to say how very thorough you have made all the directions….I always manage to stumble over any flaws and I’ve yet to discover any of yours.
    Again, thanks so very, very much.
    Feeding Hills, Massachusetts,


    1. Thank you so much Laurie! I love to be able to inspire 🙂 I hope you will have alot of fun making your colour combinations, for me it is one of the best parts of crochet 🙂


  6. Working on this shawl now. Your direction is impeccable. And I get quite board on large projects due to repetition. This pattern has me intrigued to the point I can’t seem to put it down. I love the mix of stitches and eagerly await getting to the next row to see what it brings. You are a true inspiration. And by far the very best site I have found for interesting fashion forward items. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. ❤️❤️❤️


  7. How can I download your beautiful shawl to print A4 size – I can only get it to print out very tiny!!! Pamela


  8. Love your design and I’m anxious to make it. I’ve done the first 26 rows with scrap yarn, just to understand the pattern, but I’m ready to purchase the yarn for the actual piece. When I click on the link to the color guide, I get a message that the page is not found. Is there another place to get this? Is the link broken? Would love to get to that color guide! Thanks for sharing your designs!


    1. Hi Caroljoy! If you look just beneath the link there is another direct link to the color guide that works 🙂 There is some wordpress bug with the first link that I cant figure out 🙂


      1. thank you! Still not seeing that, but will keep trying. I would love to see a photo of your entire shawl (the gold, purple, etc with tassels) to see how you placed your colors.


      2. thank you! that’s the information I was looking for. I just ordered my yarn and can’t wait to get started!

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  9. I this.have just came across this pattern am so amazed how beautiful it is.. I am not crocheted too much but have to try.


  10. Hello mijocrochet 😊 Help me please if you can. I’d like very much to do the Lost in Time but for some reason I can’t download the pattern in portuguese. It’s ok in english but I prefer portuguese of course. Thank you.


  11. Hello I’ve made this shawl in the yarn recommended and it came out beautiful! I gifted the shawl to my step daughter. I have purchased more yarn and would like a rectangular version. I love the texture in this shawl. Do you have a pattern similar that has this texture but in rectangle shape? Possibly provide a beginning stitch count? Or do you think the Squared Lost in Time would be manipulated in to a rectangle shawl?


    1. Hi and thank you Betty 🙂

      Im sorry, but I dont have a rectangular pattern with these stitches. You could use Lost In tIme squares and assemble as a rectangle if you fancy that 🙂

      Kind regards,



  12. Hi Joanne

    I LOVE love this pattern…i have been crocheting since I was 4…i was the girl at 12 who was paid by my english teacher and make a shawl for her…i even did it in class! Well 50 years later and many items later…i found this Shawl Pattern…it IS my favorite crochet all time pattern…

    Must be FAVORITE as i have crocheted 30 of these shawls since June.. If i could i would post photos…And am finishing one for a friend before Christmas next week…yes i crochet very fast…cant play music…but i can crochet😍


    1. Hi Geraldine and thank you so much fo your message! It is a lovely story about your english teacher. You might have the record of making so many Lost in Time shawls 😀 Me myself, I have only made 3 I think 😉
      Happy holidays / Johanna


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