My name is Johanna Lindahl and I’m a Swedish crochet designer located in Trollhättan.

You can find me on Instagram:@mijocrochetRavelry and Facebook.
I also host a Facebook group called Mijo Crochet Hangout where you can get help and be inspired by fellow crocheters. This is also the place where I manage my CALs.

If you like to get in touch with me, please send me an email at: mijo.crochet@gmail.com

All my patterns is for personal use only.  Copyright Mijo Crochet. Reproduction and publication of pictures and pattern is not allowed.


52 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Johanna, I am from Germany and my english is unfortunately not good. I would like to thank you very much for your generosity! Your patterns are wonderful. Best regards, Nadja


  2. Johanna is there a possibility that I could get the written pattern in English for the Lost in Time Shawl? This is gorgeous.


  3. Your work is amazing and the color schema you use is beautiful! I’m going to try one of your patterns for a birthday present for my mother. I hope that the result will be as wonderful as yours. Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspirations!


  4. Jeg er dansk, men bor i Sverige. Jeg er meget begejstret for dine Beautiful patterns, som jeg har gjort bekendtskab med efter jeg var med i #inbloomcal. Jeg vil fråge, om Jeg får sälge färdige alster, om jeg kredeiterer dig for mönstret.

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    1. Hej och tack för dina fina ord 🌸 Du kan sälja dina alster så länge det framgår att jag skrivit mönstret, gärna med adress till just bloggen, precis som du sa 😊


  5. Hi Johanna,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns. I was wondering if we are allowed to sell the finished product. Obviously it’s a hobby, not a business, I would just like to make enough to buy more yarn.

    Many thanks

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  6. This is fantastic! Is there any way that you could design this in a square pattern? This would make an unbelievable afghan/baby gift. I would not want to try and make any changes as this is your pattern and I don’t believe in tampering with anyone’s work. Thank you so very much!! Mary Ann


      1. Hello, i would like to make it as a blanket for baby too. Yous shawl is marvellous, so beautiful !!! please let me know when you publish the square pattern. Thanks a lot.


      2. Hello, do you have an estimated time frame when the square pattern will be available? I too am completely in love with the Lost in Time pattern and color scheme and excited to get started. Also, do you think it would be safe to purchase double the yarn required for the shawl for the square version? I want to be ready to go when the square pattern is available 🙂

        What is the measurement of one edge (as in, what size square will it be?).

        Thanks so Much! Absolutely beautiful!!!


      3. Hi Renee!
        I dont have a time frame for the LiT square yet. Though the pattern will be made so that you can make the square as small or big as you like 🙂 If you want the square to be as big as two shawls put together you can do that.

        I wish you a lovely evening ❤


  7. I was looking at your pot holder/hot pad pattern. You stated to use two strands of yarn, but in the pictures, it looks like there is only one strand. Just wondering…what should I do? I think two strands would change the look of it. I could make two and piece them together to add thickness. What are your thoughts?


  8. Hi Mijo,
    I was wondering if there’s a chart to go with the Lost in Time Shawl (which is gorgeous, by the way!).
    thanks so much,


  9. Hello Johanna,
    I live in Scotland and learned to crochet only a short time ago which i mother had been trying to teach me for years, but i couldn’t grasp it being left handed. Since learning to crochet i have been trying various things and i seen your beautiful Lost In Time shawl and fell in love with it. I can totally appreciate the time that goes into creating these exquisite pieces of art work, but to let the world work your talent out in their own way is so generous. Thank you flower for giving us such beautiful things to create, that we might showcase your talent on our shoulders.


      1. Hello Johanna, thank you for the wonderful pattern. I am in the process of opening an etsy shop. And would like to make a line with 7 different colour combinations with your lost in time pattern. Of course credits will be attributed to you if you agree. If your permission is granted you should know that it will only be 3 shawls for each colour variation. Please let me know your thoughts on this. Keep up the wonderful work, this is a pattern to D I E FOR. Kind regards from Greece.


  10. Hello,
    I realized “Lost in time” and I nave instruction in italian. Do you want to publish them?
    Pls let me know


  11. HI Johanna,
    I live in South Africa and I recently discovered your blog and beautiful patterns. When I saw your Lost in Time Shawl I fell in love with it. As I am a novice I was not sure if I would ever be able to create such a beautiful masterpiece. I printed the pattern and hoped for the best as it looked so intricate. Much to my surprise it was not that difficult at all and the pattern is so well written that it is very easy to follow. Your color combination are also amazing and make your patterns so much more special.
    Thank you for your amazing patterns.


  12. Hello Johanna! I’m from Costa Rica, Central America. My mother tongue is Spanish and I’m pretty fluent in English. I found your Lost in time shawl in Pinterest and I immediately fell in love with the pattern (I’m about to finish my own). 🙂
    If you ever want your patterns translated to Spanish, I’ll be more than happy to help you.

    Also, could you please tell me where do you find the beads to decor the borders of the shawl?

    Have an amazing day!


  13. I’ve made both Lost in Time and Secret Paths. I wonder if they could be made in the round with the magic circle and two or four of the increases in a round. I’m sure there would be plenty of interest for a blanket type layout instead of a shawl. Complicated by the fact that it would not be worked back and forth like the shawl but only from one side. We would all love this if we could get it to work.
    Thanks for your inspiring patterns. This is exciting crochet!
    North Carolina, USA


    1. Thank you Jackie! That is a very interesting idea, with a round blanket. It should work with the secret paths 👍🏻 I have just ordered yarn to make a square blanket with the Lost in Time pattern 😃


  14. hello ,
    your patterns are great thank you for sharing them.
    you mentioned in the pink secret paths shawl that you used the cotton flower yarn could you please specify if you used the cotton flower 427 or cotton flower 111? because i want to order yarn to make it .thank you so much


  15. I love your work it’s amazing …..I wish you had video tutorials in English as I ama visual Learner and cannot read crochet patterns very well I would still by the patterns but would like the step by step video to go along side it


    1. Hi and thank you for your input. For different reasons I dont make videos, but all my latest patterns have alot of pictures to show each row/step. I will release a new free pattern soon where you can see what they look like 🙂 All the best / Johanna


  16. Hi Johanna
    Thank you for creating and sharing your amazing patterns. I have a question.
    My old friend asked me could I do it for her shawl Lost in time and she wont to buy it. For me crochet is hobby, not a business but she asks very much. I could buy a yarn for this work.
    I was so afraid to do Lost in time but now I just love this pattern. Thank you very much 😊


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