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Dragon Belly

English below ↓

Dragon Belly är en lätt asymmetrisk sjal som virkas i varv fram- och tillbaka, från ena sidan av sjalen till den andra. Anledningen till namnet, Dragon Belly, är att jag tänkte på hur drakmagar i barnsagor brukar se ut. Håller du med? 

Garnet jag använt är Scheepjes Spirit 50 g (färg 304, tre nystan) från Spirit finns i 13 olika färger och är ett mjukt och lätt garn som består av 56 % bomull och 44 % akryl. Löplängden är 210 m / 50 g vilket gör det väldigt prisvärt. Strukturen på garnet är mycket likt Scheepjes Stonewashed men det är tunnare och färgen har vackra skiftningar. På garnet rekommenderas virknål 3.5 – 4.0 mm men jag använde 4.5 mm för att få sjalen extra luftig.

The Dragon Belly shawl is slighty asymmetric and is crocheted back and forth, from one side to the other. I call this shawl Dragon Belly because it’s texture reminds me of how dragon bellys often look in children’s stories, don’t you agree?

I used the yarn Scheepjes Spirit 50 g (colour 304, 3 skeins) from (To order, please send an email to Spirit is available in 13 different colours and is a light and soft yarn made of 56 % cotton and 44 % acrylic. The yarn lenght is 210 m / 50 g which means you dont need that many skeins for a project. The yarn label suggest hook 3.5 – 4.0 mm, but I used a 4.5 mm hook to make my shawl extra airy.


Eftersom man själv kan bestämma antalet varv på sin Dragon Belly kan flertalet olika garner användas. Nedanför är en Dragon Belly gjord i Scheepjes Whirl (färg 761,virknål 3.5 mm) från Storleken är ca 170 x 120 x 100 cm (ej blockad) och sista färgen på nystanet blev över.

You can decide how big to make your Dragon Belly by the number of rows you make, therefore you can use any yarn you like. The Dragon Belly below is made with Scheepjes Whirl (colour 761, hook 3.5 mm) from (To order, please send an email to The size is aprox 170 x 120 x 100 cm (unblocked) and the last colour of the skein was not used.


Jag lägger ner mycket tid och kärlek både på att arbeta fram och skriva mina mönster, så om du använder mina mönster och lägger ut på sociala medier önskar jag att du länkar eller hänvisar till min blogg samt använder #mijocrochet och #dragonbellyshawl ❤

I spend alot of time and love in creating and writing down my patterns, so please, if you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias link or refer to my blog and use #mijocrochet and #dragonbellyshawl  ❤

Mönster / Pattern

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Svenska: Dragon Belly
English (US terms): Dragon Belly
French: Dragon Belly
Danish: Dragon Belly
German: Dragon Belly
Dutch: Dragon Belly
Spanish: Dragon Belly
Portuguese: Dragon Belly
Slovak: Dragon Belly
Italian: Dragon Belly


64 thoughts on “Dragon Belly

  1. Great pattern – thank you 🙂
    First one almost done in Spirit. The Whirl version is lurking in a bag waiting to be finished. How are you getting on with the 3.5mm hook? Just wondering about the finished size and maybe frogging to start again with a 4mm to give it a lighter feel.


    1. Hi there! Im happy you like my Dragon Belly 😀
      My Whirl version is not finished yet but I dont think the size would be a problem using hook 4.0 mm. For me it would be too flimsy with a 4.0 hook, but we all crochet so differently.


      1. hi
        so beautiful the dragon belly.
        when your dragon in Whirl is finish, i like to hear hov big it turn out 🙂


  2. I just started this today with absolutely gorgeous Malabrigo lace yarn. I’ll tag you in any pictures I post. Thank you so much for your patterns they are wonderful!


  3. This pattern is absolutely gorgeous!!! Looking like million dollars !!!! And soooo easy. Many Thanks to you for sharing from California!!!!


  4. Thank you for that beautiful pattern. I am doing one for my son. I love your patterns. Hopefully I’ll find some time soon for the lost in time shawl. Greetings from Germany


  5. Hejsan, I am SO enjoying working on this pattern. The texture is wonderful and the pattern goes so quickly. Your patterns are helping me to learn Swedish crochet language as well, as I am an immigrant here and started to learn the language at a much older age than many people.


    1. Hej Augusta! Im happy you like my patterns. As you say, this is a good way to practise the Swedish terms 🙂 I mostly used US crochet patterns (because I liked those patterns better) before starting designing my own so I kind of had to learn the Swedish too 😉


  6. Can I ask is your double stitch a English double or American double?
    It looks like a English treble.
    Thank you.
    Can’t wait to make this.


  7. Hey,
    I was wondering, how much yarn did you need for the border ? (Or how many color changes, I’m using a Whirl so it is also a good way to measure yarn) Thank you !
    And thank you for the pattern it is absolutely beautiful !!


    1. Thank you! ☺️ The border does not need much yarn and the amount differs depending how many rows you make before the edge. I think one colour change would be enough in any case.


  8. Cant wait to get started! I am having a challenge to begin rows 1-4. I am more of a visual learner, do you have a utube video clip on it?
    Thank you for sharing….. you do beautiful work! 🙂
    USA Fort Lauderdale Florida


  9. Love the shawl. Home recuperating from surgery would like to know whether or not if this is a sports way or what’s happening here and it is plan on making this while I’m at home.


    1. Hi, this shawl can be made in any wheight. In Europe we dont use those names (sport etc) so Im not sure. You can click the links of the yarn specified in the pattern and read more about them 🙂 I wish you a speedy recovery!


  10. Love the texture, thank you for sharing with us. I’d like your help please. I’m making this for my grandaughter for her 13th birthday. She’s tall, athletic…what size wing span do you think for adolescent? I think 70″ will be too big for her. To be worn in bib fashion. Hope you still see these messages. Thank you.


    1. Hi and thank you!
      Im sorry but I cant help you with the size for your grandoughter since I have no experience with making shawls for other than adults. Cant you ask her mother or father?


  11. Love this shawl pattern so much!
    I am already making my second one and have been to buy more yarn for a 3rd!
    I love how simple it is (I am a beginner and this is the 1st pattern I have been able to follow) but how beautiful the design and finished pieces look!
    Thank you!


  12. Hello Johanna I’m doing this shawl now and I keep thinking about the wonderful hands you have. I love everything you do. I made the Chal Lost in Time and it was beautiful. Thank you for teaching these wonderful jobs.


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