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Treasure Net

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Treasure Net är en trekantig sjal som arbetas nerifrån och upp. Efter varv 7 repeteras varv 6-7 tills sjalen har den storlek du önskar, och därefter virkas kanten. Detta betyder att du kan använda vilket garn och virknål du vill och enkelt anpassa antalet varv så sjalen får den storlek du önskar. Mönstret är en PDF-fil och är ett skrivet mönster som även innehåller många förklarande bilder. Nedan kan du se denna design uppvirkad i fyra olika garner/färger.

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Treasure Net is a triangular lacy shawl that is worked from the bottom up. After row 7 you repeat row 6-7 until the shawl has the size you want, and then you crochet the edge. This means that you can use this pattern with any yarn and hook size and very easy adjust the number of rows to give the shawl the size you like. This pattern is a PDF file that is written in US-terms and includes many describing pictures. You can see this design made with four different yarns/colours below.

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Garnförslag / Yarn suggestions:

Denna variant av Treasure Net-sjalen är virkad med två trådar garn samtidigt med virknål 4.5 mm. En tråd Sandnes Alpakka Silke färg 6081 och en tråd Scheepjes Whirl / Whirlette. Till sjalens “kropp2 använde jag rester av Whirl, färg 769 och 789, och till kanten Whirlette, färg 854. Varv 6-7 upprepades totalt 24 gånger och storleken på sjalen blev 180 x 120 x 120 cm. Garnåtgången blev ca 125 g Alpakka Silke och 120 g Whirl/Whirlette totalt.

This version of the Treasure Net shawl is crocheted with two strands of yarn and hook 4.5 mm. One strand of Sandnes Alpakka Silke colour 6081 and one strand of Scheepjes Whirl / Whirlette. For the shawls “body” I used leftovers of Whirl, colour 769 and 789, and for the border I used Whirlette, colour 854. Row 6-7 was repeated 24 times in total and the measurements of this shawl is approximately 180 x 120 x 120 cm. The total amount of yarn was about 125 g Alpakka Silke and 120 g Whirl/Whirlette. 

Denna Treasure Net-sjal är virkad i garnet Scheepjes Whirl, ett nystan av färg 763, och virknål 3.0 mm. Jag använde inte hela nystanet och sjalen mäter ca 160 x 110 x 110 cm.

This Treasure Net shawl is made with Scheepjes Whirl, one skein of colour 763, and hook 3.0 mm. I didn’t use up the whole skein and the measurements of this shawl is approximately 160 x 110 x 110 cm.

Denna vackra Treasure Net-sjal är virkad av Jessica Wittemyr som testvirkade mönstret innan det släpptes. Hon använde ett nystan av Scheepjes Whirl, färg 751, och virknål 3.0 mm. Sjalen mäter ca 150 x 110 x 110 cm. Du hittar Jessica på Instagram under namnet @wittemyrvirkar.

This beautiful Treasure Net is made by Jessica Wittemyr who tested this pattern before the release. She used one skein of Scheepjes Whirl, colour 751, and hook 3.0 mm. The shawls size is approximately 150 x 100 x 100 cm. You can find Jessica on Instagram by the name @wittemyrvirkar.

Anna Nilsson har virkat denna härliga version av Treasure Net. Hon använde ett nystan av garnet Cotton Flowers och virknål 3.5 mm. Hennes sjal mäter ca 160 x 115 x 115 cm. Du hittar Anna på Instagram (@annavirkpanna), på Facebook under namnet Annavirkpanna och på hennes blogg AnnaVirkpanna som innehåller massor av inspiration och virkmönster.

Anna Nilsson made this lovely version of the Treasure Net shawl. She used one skein of Cotton Flowers yarn and hook 3.5 mm. Her shawl measures approximately 160 x 115 x 115 cm. You can find Anna at Instagram (@annavirkpanna), on Facebook by the name Annavirkpanna and on her blog AnnaVirkpanna that containes alot of crochet inspiration and patterns, both in Swedish and English.

Blocka din sjal / Block your shawl:

Jag rekommenderar att blocka dina virkade sjalar för att framhäva maskdefinitionen, få en snyggare form och ett bättre fall. Känner du dig osäker på hur man gör finns det en beskrivning här.

I recommend to block your crocheted shawls to increase the stitch definition, get a better shape and a more beautiful drape. If you like to read about blocking there is information about it here.


Om du vill göra tassels till din sjal finns det en mini-instruktion på min Tutorial-sida under menyn eller så kan du klicka här.

If you like to make tassels for your shawl there is an instruction in my Tutorial section in the navigation menu or simply click here.


18 thoughts on “Treasure Net

  1. Oh, you Eurropeans ! – you are so … ELEGANT ! Everything I see within European – and I think especially Scandinavian – crochet sites turns crochet into a real art. No more mug cosies or siimilar rubbish – just beautiful things to wear.
    Jag är verkligen imponerad.
    Hope Google Translate hasn’t let me down. 🙂


  2. Both are very beautiful. I have been try for hours to purchase but website only showing in Swedish I cannot get an English version of website to know what I am doing is correct.


  3. Hilfe, habe gestern gekauft TREASURE NET— aber ich habe gedrückt und hat schlecht gedrückt weil war keine schwarz. Wie kann ich wieder haben ohne wieder bezahlen? Entschuldigung meine deutsche, aber ich bin Italienerin… danke für Ihre Antwort
    Rossella Mugnaini


  4. Hi, could I ask quite a specific question regarding this pattern? I am currently crocheting this using exactly the materials recommended in the pattern, in other words Scheepjes Whirl (215-225 g) and a size 3.0 hook. I have reached row 72 in the body of the shawl, so I assume that if I’ll be following the instructions to every detail, I should start the border after one more row. Currently the short edge that should be 110 cm in the final product is about 79 cm (without stretching). I feel that the number seems a bit small as the border doesn’t seem that wide, but am I worrying for no reason? Is the 110 x 160 cm size measured after the shawl was blocked? I am mostly worried about running out of yarn before I can finish the border, especially if I keep crocheting a few extra rows, but right now I do have about 120 g left of the skein. Do you have any rough estimate of how big a portion of the full skein the border would take? Thank you very much in advance, this design is so lovely!


    1. Hi,
      I agree, it seems that your shawl is smaller than mine 🙂 You probably crochet with a tighter tension than I do. The border consists of 5 rows and would therefor need approx the same amount as 3 repeats of the main pattern (row 6-7). The amount the border needs depends on how many rows you have done before making the border. You can wheight the yarn before and after making 3 repeats of the pattern and that woyld be the approx wheight for the border. You have to repeat the wheighting as the shawl grows larger.
      I hope this helps,


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