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Double Double Korgar/Baskets

English below ↓

Namnet Double Double kommer sig av att dessa korgar virkas dubbelt och i dubbelt garn. Det kanske låter krångligt men är lättare än det ser ut 🙂

Från början vill jag göra ett mönster som gömmer alla knutar när jag använder småslattar av restgarn men såg sedan att det blir en fin effekt med olika färger på insidan och utsidan av korgen. Detta mönster beskriver fyra storlekar som går att stapla i varandra. Med två trådar bomullsgarn (tex Scheepjes Cotton 8, scheepjes Catona eller Scheepjes Sunkissed) och virknål 4.0 mm blir storlekarna och garnmängden (ungefärligt) föjande:

XSmall – Diameter 8 cm, höjd 5 cm, 30g

Small – Diameter 10 cm, höjd 6 cm, 45g

Medium – Diameter 13 cm, höjd 8 cm, 70g

Large – Diameter 14 cm, höjd 9 cm, 90g

These baskets are crocheted with two strands of yarn and is made with two sides,  which gave the name Double Double basket. It maybe sounds fiddly, but it’s not 🙂

I wanted to make a pattern that hides all the knots when using tiny scraps but then realized it looked very good with one colour on the inside and another on the outside too. This pattern gives you four different sizes that can be stacked in each other. With two strands of yarn (Scheepjes Cotton 8, scheepjes Catona or Scheepjes Sunkissed etc) and hook 4.0 mm this is the approximate size and amount of yarn used:

XSmall – Diameter 8 cm, height 5 cm, 30g

Small – Diameter 10 cm, height 6 cm, 45g

Medium – Diameter 13 cm, height 8 cm, 70g

Large – Diameter 14 cm, height 9 cm, 90g

Mönster / Pattern

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Svenska: Double Double-Korgar
English (US-terms): Double Double Baskets
German: Double Double-Körbe

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30 thoughts on “Double Double Korgar/Baskets

  1. i LOVE these baskets and am anxious to try them, but could you please explain this term for me as i’m not familiar with it….sl st in 1:a lm I know “slip stitch”, but not 1:a lm.
    Thank you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh noes! Lm is swedish term for chain 🙈 So it should be sl st in first ch 🙂 Thank you for notifying me, I will fix this as soon as possible 💛


      1. Thank you so much for your quick response. i’m excited to try your pattern 🙂


    1. Hi,

      I just tested the link for the English pattern and it works fine. Maybe you have a program on your computer that prevents the pattern to open in a new window?



  2. Could you please explain how the basket gets doubled? Do you make two and then join them together? Thank you.


      1. After you fold the basket, it isn’t clear if you join it at the inside bottom of the basket or the top.


      2. You join at the outside on the bottom. At row 14 (XS version) there are pictures that shows how to do. You slip stitch around the bottom connecting the edge 🙂


  3. can I assume that if I wanted an even larger basket that I could simply continue increasing from row 3 till the desired base width. then continue on with row 4 noting the stitch count would differ?


  4. Hi, thank you for this lovely pattern. I have one question when you have slip stitched the last row to Row 4 on the x small basket would you flip the basket and have this slip stitched row inside or outside of the basket ?
    Thank you. X


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