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Denna hexagonformade babyfilt eller “lapghan” är gjord i det supermjuka garnet Scheepjes Eliza som (trots att det är ett syntetiskt garn) snabbt blivit ett av mina favoritgarner. Det ger fin maskdefinition och även ett vackert fall på det du virkar, vilket jag tycker är egenskaper som de flesta syntetgarn saknar. Eliza hittar du hos och finns i 36 olika färger, där 7 av dem är melerade (i 3 färger) och gjorda för att matcha ett urval av de enfärgade nystanen.

Jag ville få fram en ombré-effekt på min filt och använde färgerna 212, 213, 217 och 223, ett nystan av varje färg. Filten väger 200 g, vilket motsvarar exakt två nystan av Eliza, vilket kan vara på håret om du gör en två- eller enfärgad filt. Virknålsstorlek och virkfasthet anges i mönstret som du hittar lite längre ner på sidan.

Om du använder samma garn och virkfasthet som mönstret anger blir filten cirka 85 cm mellan två toppar och 75 cm mellan två sidor (mätt rakt över filten). Till din hjälp finns denna färgguide att följa.

The Cloudberry blanket, or lapghan, is shaped as a hexagon made with the super soft Scheepjes Eliza yarn. This yarn has become one of my favorites even if its synthetic. It gives a beautiful stitch definition and also a great drape that many of the synthetic yarn doesn’t. You can find Eliza yarn at Favoritgarner and it comes in 36 different colours, six of them multicoloured that is made to match with some of the solid colours.

I was aiming for an ombré effect on my blanket and used four colours, 212, 213, 217 and 223, one skein of each. The total weight of the blanket is 200g which is the same as two skeins of Eliza. If you are making a one or two coloured blanket two skeins might be enough, but it will be a yarn chicken in the end 😉 Hook size and gauge are specified in the pattern which you find further down this post.

If you use the same yarn and gauge as indicated in the pattern this blanket will measure approximately 85 cm between two tips, and 75 cm between two sides (measured across the blanket). Use this Color Guide if you like to place the colours as I did.

Denna fantastiskt fina variant av Cloudberry är gjord av Agnetha Lidström, @virkagge på instagram. Agnetha använde tre färger (231, 233 och 208) av garnet Scheepjes Eliza, ett nystan av varje färg. För att få lite större storlek gjordes också 9 extra varv. Om du vill lägga till varv på din filt repeterar du varv 16-27. Se till att avsluta med varv 18, 21, 24 eller 27 innan du gör sista kantvarvet. Scheepjes Eliza hittar du hos Favoritgarner.

This beautiful version of Cloudberry is made of Agnetha Lidström, @virkagge on Instagram. Agnetha used three colours (231, 233 and 208) of Scheepjes Eliza, one skein of each colour. To make the blanket bigger she also made 9 extra rows. If you like to make your blanket bigger you repeat row 16-27. Be sure to end with a row 18, 21, 24 or 27 before making the final edging row. You can find Scheepjes Eliza at Favoritgarner (worlwide shipping! To order please send an e-mail to:

Mönster / Pattern

Vill du stötta mitt arbete som virkdesigner, bjud mig på en kopp kaffe 🙂
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Svenska: Filten Cloudberry
English (US terms): Cloudberry Blanket
German: Cloudberry blanket
Danish: Cloudberry Taeppe
Spanish: Cloudberry Blanket
french: Cloudberry Blanket
Slovak: Deka Cloudberry
Hungarian: Cloudberry Takaró

Hur du gör din Cloudberry-filt större / How you make your Cloudberry blanket bigger

Om du vill lägga till varv på din filt repeterar du varv 16-27. Se till att avsluta med varv 18, 21, 24 eller 27 innan du gör sista kantvarvet.

If you like to make your blanket bigger you repeat row 16-27. Be sure to end with a row 18, 21, 24 or 27 before making the final edging row.

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Min Facebook-grupp Mijo Crochet Hangout finns för att ställa frågor, dela bilder och socialisera med andra virkare.

My Facebook group Mijo Crochet Hangout is a place where you can ask questions, share pictures and socialize with other fellow crocheters.

Meine Facebook-Gruppe Mijo Crochet Hangout ist ein Platz wo Sie Fragen stellen können, Ihre Bilder posten und sich mit anderen Häkler/innen verbinden können.

67 thoughts on “Cloudberry

  1. This pattern of yours is gorgeous, but I wanted to thank you for more than that. Those of us that are not multilingual, we are ever so grateful for those the publish patterns in more than just their native language. Hooray and thank you so mucb!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi, the pattern opens in a new window, do you have any program that stops new windows and/or pop ups? You can also try to open the pattern in another web browser or device, that usually solves this problem.
        Kind regards,


      1. Thank you so much, I’m so happy to hear that! 🙂 You simply click on the link for the language you want.
        Kind regards,


    1. I know it’s a long shot, but this is gorgeous and I was hoping it could be adapted to be a square instead? If so any help would be appreciated xx


      1. Hi Catie, and thank you! Well to adapt it to a square I would need to write a new pattern, which is a good thought 🙂 My tip would be that a square increases with 2 dc´s on each side of a corner instead of 1 for the hexagon shape.


    2. Yes I sure agree with this. I love the pattern. It’s really,really beautiful and I,too, appreciate that people of many languages can enjoy it as Much as I will. Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have started this and shared on some Facebook groups and there’s been lots of interest.

    It’s a lovely pattern and really well written.



  3. Greetings from Australia. I am a newbie leftie crochet mama and I am amazed at this pattern. I hope i can make this one too.


  4. I don’t understand round 4. I’ve done the v stitch with chains in between but am lost as to where you join cause then it gives a second line of instructions adding a tr.


  5. So row 16 has a stitch count of 29. Row 17 is a repeat of of 6 stitches (dc, chain four and skip 2, sc, chain four skip 2). But if I do this I will be short a stitch; the previous row would need to be 28. In addition the pattern is missing the slip stitch over two for row 17 as well.


    1. Hi again, Im sorry about my late answer 😦
      I think you have mixed up the rows a little. Row 16 the the (4 ch, skip 2 dc, 1 sc in next dc, 4 ch, skip 2 dc, 1 dc in next dc)-row. The row before that one (row 15) has the stitch count 29 dc´s. Yes, you repeat 6 stitches 5 times + 1 last dc = 31, but you also use the ch-spaces in the corners to work your first and last dc. You have 29 stitches from the last row + the two corners = 31 stitches.

      There is no ch over 2 in row 17.

      I hope this helps 🙂



      1. Hi

        I’m having troubles with row 15. 7+1+11+1+7=27+2 dc each corner is 29. When I get to row 16 it I am short a dc before the corner. I’ve ripped the row out 3 times trying to figure it out. Thanks for your help.


  6. I have almost every pattern you have made (purchasing the squared lost in time today). I love this pattern, but the link to WordPress brings up a blank page. Can you help me please?


    1. Hi Laura! Im so happy you like my patterns 🙂 Im not sure exactly which link you refer to? Do you mean the link to the pattern? I tried a few links on the clouberry post and they all worked fine for me. Please specify and I will try to help you.


  7. Hello 🙂 this is the first baby blanket I’ve tried from a pattern and just have a few questions.
    In the pattern, you have:
    — Row​ ​1: 
    ​ ​Work in the ch-ring just made.  
    4 ch (= 1 dc + 2 ch).
    (1 dc, 2 ch) 5 times.
    Sl st in 2:nd ch.
    [1 dc / side] —
    So, my first step for this row would I chain 4 or would I do a dc and then ch 2?
    And also, what does [1 dc / side] mean?

    Thank you! The pattern looks gorgeous!


      1. Reading the comments above. My pattern also has 26 rows and the last page is blank. Am i correct that something indeed is missing?


      2. The pattern has 13 pages and 28 rows. When I download the English PDF nothing is missing. Maybe your download wasnt full? Have you tried to download the pattern again?




  8. Is there a tutorial anywhere for this pattern? I love it and I tried to understand it but it’s easier for me to get help at the very beginning. I fouled up on the third or fourth row. So now I’m too nervous to try it again.

    Thank you


  9. This is so pretty and I have to make this as soon as I finish two shawls I’m working on. I’m looking thru my yarn to decide which one I am going to use. Thank you for a wonderful pattern. And when done I will post a picture for sure.


  10. Good morning – thanks so much for the pattern, I love it. Wanting to extend it a few rows. Saw the instructions re rows to complete – question is “is there a side stitch count for these extra rows”. Cheers


  11. Hello, I was wondering if there was a diagram of the cloudberry pattern that I could purchase? I have difficulty following a pattern written in paragraphs due to a reading disorder.


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