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Retro Vibe Ruta / Square

Jag har lääänge tänk att jag en dag måste virka ett överkast och äntligen har jag kommit igång! Hurra! Bestämde mig för att göra ett klassiskt överkast men ville ha något lite extra eller annorlunda. Tillslut blev det denna glada och färggranna retro vibe-ruta som fick äran 🙂 Jag har valt att virka i dubbelt acrylgarn för att få en lite tjockare och fastare struktur samtidigt som det inte blir för tungt. Överkastet är inte klart, men jag tänkte dela med mig av min överkastresa och även dela med mig av mönstret till min retor vibe-ruta. När min kant är klar kommer jag även dela detta mönster 🙂 Om du vill göra ett likadant överkast som jag så finns en lista på vad jag använder nedan.

For long I have been thinking about making a bedspread and now I’m finally on my way! Yay! Decided to make a classic crocheted bedspread but wanted an extra touch to it. Eventually I decided to use the happy colourfull retro vibe square 🙂 I make this bedspread with double acrylic yarn to make it a little bit more thick and sturdy but not to heavy at the same time. The bedspread is not done, but I thought I would share my bedspread journey and also share the pattern for my retro vibe square. When the border is done I will also share that pattern 🙂 If you like to make the same bedspread as I, this is what I use:

Nål / Hook: 5.5 mm

Två trådar av / two strands of Scheepjes Colour Crafter

Scheepjes Colour Crafter är ett 100% premium acrylgarn som kommer i 100 g-nystan om 300 m. Det är mycket mjuk och varmt. Mitt garn kommer ifrån Favoritgarner som har fri frakt på order över 100 kr. Klickar du här kan du beställa Colour Crafter direkt.

Färger / Colours:

1002, 1422 , 2012 , 1062, 2014, 1116, 2016, 2006, 1083, 1123, 1828, 1080, 1067, 1263, 1114 and 1711.

Jag vet inte vilken garnåtgång det blir ännu eftersom jag inte är klar ännu / I don’t know the amount of yarn I need yet since I’m not done.

Mönster / Pattern: Retro Vibe



37 thoughts on “Retro Vibe Ruta / Square

  1. Hello from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. I am 71 years old this week & I have decided to make all your patterns. You are so generous, talented & creative & take so much time to write them out so precisely & simple to print. I really love the color changes, for example, on the tips of flowers, which make them POP! Thank you so much for the opportunity 2 learn new stitches, shapes & color changes. I appreciate knowing you from far away!

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much for this lovely message ❤ This made my day! Im so happy to ba able to inspire, and of course I get even happier when someone takes their time and write to me.

      Thank you again, and I wish you a great day filled with alot of crochet 🙂


  2. Does anyone have a diagram or maybe a stitch count for each round? I’m making a mistake- and I keep rereading and re-doing with no luck. I think my error is in round 3, but I can’t find it. This is so lovely, I’m hopeful to master it…


  3. A great big hello! Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and patterns with others on the internet. It is very generous of you to take your time to carefully write out each pattern and supply us with all the information necessary to make each of your patterns. I am very aware you do not have to do this and cannot express in words how very kind you are to do so. Thank you so much. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Your work and color combinations are stunning! I will keep checking back for your post about how much yarn you ended up using when you complete this Retro Vibe bedspread you are making. Cheers to you!


    1. Hi Helen, and thank you so much for your kind words. It makes me so happy to read comments like this 🙂
      Im still working on my Retro Vibe bedspread, it has been a little neglected during the summer, but hopefully I will start working on it again during this winter 🙂


  4. This is great! I am making this blanket with the colors of each square based on a specific Grateful Dead poster/postcard from the 1960s! It is for someone who has a collection of posters AND a Yorkie!


      1. Will post a photo when I am finished, but that may be a while! I am trying to discipline myself to work more slowly so that I don’t aggravate my tendonitis!

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  5. Hi! I have been crocheting for around 20 years now. I’ve decided to use this pattern and make my mom a queen size blanket for the first time!
    Do you have a suggestion for the border?


  6. I cannoy get to the pattern. Just keep going in circles trying to get to the pattern. It is beautiful and I would love to try it. Can you send me link to this pattern? Thank you!


  7. I love bright colours ! – and I love squares that are interestingly different. 😀 If I were not right now involved in 2-colour lace briohe, I would start on this.
    So I’ll download the pattern for Ron – that’s Later Ron, right ? [grin]
    Thank you very much !, with regards from Downunder.


  8. Love ALL your patterns. Got issues opening this one, it downloads and opens 1x, the next time I try to open it denies access staying it is DRM protected. I suspect it is the photos?


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