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Moss Crown

Detta är en kant som jag gjorde för att passa min mossvirkade filt. Givetvis kan man använda denna kant till massa andra projekt bara man räknar maskorna 😉

This is a border I came up with to fit my mosstitch blanket, but you could use it to any other project, just count your stitches 😉





11 thoughts on “Moss Crown

  1. Today I was looking for some interesting designs and I must say……you’re designs are gorgeous. You have an eye for colour and composition. Like with anything else in life, I think you have a wonderful gift. Although it is summer in South Africa now, and today was a blistering 43 degrees, I am defenitely going to make myself a shawl and other lovely things for the coming winter. I love that youre designs have a distinct Moroccan air and the colours you use give the items a rich and cosy feeling. Thankyou for sharing your gift. A warm South African thankyou. Angelique Rossouw


    1. Hi and thank you so much for your kind words ❤ We are almost at 0 degrees now here in Sweden and your warm message was well needed 😀 Thank you and welcome to my blog!


  2. Beautiful designs from a wonderful designer and from a country dear to my heart as my mother was Swedish


  3. Is there a written pattern for your beautiful edging Moss Crown. I have looked at so many edgings fir moss blanket I made as a gift and took me 2 days, its your Moss Crown edgeing. I do not need to know how to do the stitches. Just what you did on each round of blanket edging.
    Any help woukd be greatly appreciated!
    Thank You,


  4. I sent message yesterday to check about written instructions. I wanted to let you know I no longer need them. I have never crocheted from a diagram, but as you had symbol along with stitch type above your diagram, I was able to work it out. I wrote out the instructions for rows 2, 3 & 4 with symbols above as you had done. I am so happy you wrote out such an amazing diagram with arrows, stitch symbol above with stitch, making turn, just everything. As I am crocheting the Moss Crown edging due to you, your patience, kindness for free patterns and excellent instructions. You have given me the confidence to try more diagram patterns.
    Thank You so Very Much!!


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