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Moss Crown

Detta är en kant som jag gjorde för att passa min mossvirkade filt. Givetvis kan man använda denna kant till massa andra projekt bara man räknar maskorna 😉

This is a border I came up with to fit my mosstitch blanket, but you could use it to any other project, just count your stitches 😉





8 thoughts on “Moss Crown

  1. Today I was looking for some interesting designs and I must say……you’re designs are gorgeous. You have an eye for colour and composition. Like with anything else in life, I think you have a wonderful gift. Although it is summer in South Africa now, and today was a blistering 43 degrees, I am defenitely going to make myself a shawl and other lovely things for the coming winter. I love that youre designs have a distinct Moroccan air and the colours you use give the items a rich and cosy feeling. Thankyou for sharing your gift. A warm South African thankyou. Angelique Rossouw


    1. Hi and thank you so much for your kind words ❤ We are almost at 0 degrees now here in Sweden and your warm message was well needed 😀 Thank you and welcome to my blog!


  2. Beautiful designs from a wonderful designer and from a country dear to my heart as my mother was Swedish


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