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XY Scarf

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Scarfen XY är en androgyn triangulär design som passar både kvinnor och män. Med garnet Skies Light från Scheepjes blir scarfen underbart mjuk och skön att ha kring halsen. Önskar du göra XY till en sjal att ha över axlarna upprepar du bara mönstret tills du uppnått den storlek du önskar. 

Sjalen på bilderna är virkad i garnet Scheepjes Skies Light (100% Premium Blend Bomull; 100 g/340 m). Färgerna är 117 Circumcumulus och 116 Cumulonimbus, en härva á 100 g av varje färg och jag började med färgen 117. Eftersom scarfen består av fasta maskor har jag använt virknål 4,0 mm, som är större än vad som rekommenderas till garnet, för att få en mjuk och följsam scarf. Min XY scarf har måtten 150 x 110 x 110 cm och mönstret kan du ladda ner gratis som en PDF-fil lite längre ner på sidan.

The XY Scarf is an androgynous triangular design that fits both women and men. With the Skies Light yarn from Scheepjes, the scarf becomes wonderfully soft and comfortable to wear around the neck. If you want to make XY as a shawl to wear over your shoulders, just repeat the pattern until you reach the size you want.

The shawl in the pictures is crocheted with the yarn Scheepjes Skies Light (100% Premium Blend Cotton; 100 g / 340 m). The colors are 117 Circumcumulus and 116 Cumulonimbus, and I used one hank of 100 g of each color starting with color 117. Since the scarf consists of single crochets I used hook 4.0 mm, which is larger than what is recommended for the yarn, to get a soft scarf that drapes well. My XY scarf has the dimensions of 150 x 110 x 110 cm and you can download the pattern for free as a PDF file a little further down the page.

Mönster / Pattern

Vill du stötta mitt arbete som virkdesigner, bjud mig på en kopp kaffe 🙂
If you like to support my work as a crochet designer, buy me a cup of coffee 🙂


Svenska: XY Scarf
English (US terms): XY Scarf
English (UK terms): XY Scarf
Danish: XY Scarf
Dutch: XY Scarf
French: XY Scarf
German: XY Scarf
Italian: XY Scarf
Russian: XY Scarf
Slovak: XY Scarf
Spanish: XY Scarf
Polish: XY Scarf
Portuguese: XY Scarf

Facebook group:

Min Facebook-grupp Mijo Crochet Hangout finns för att ställa frågor, dela bilder och socialisera med andra virkare.

My Facebook group Mijo Crochet Hangout is a place where you can ask questions, share pictures and socialize with other fellow crocheters.

Meine Facebook-Gruppe Mijo Crochet Hangout ist ein Platz wo Sie Fragen stellen können, Ihre Bilder posten und sich mit anderen Häkler/innen verbinden können.

Blocka din sjal / Block your shawl:

Jag rekommenderar att blocka dina virkade sjalar för att framhäva maskdefinitionen, få en snyggare form och ett bättre fall. Information om hur man blockar finns här.

I recommend to block your crocheted shawls to increase the stitch definition, get a better shape and a more beautiful drape. Information about blocking is available here.

Jag lägger ner mycket tid och kärlek både på att arbeta fram och skriva mina mönster, så om du använder mina mönster och lägger ut på sociala medier önskar jag att du länkar eller hänvisar till min blogg samt använder #mijocrochet och #XYscarf ❤ Mönstret får endast användas för privat bruk, copyright Mijo Crochet.

I spend alot of time and love in creating and writing down my patterns, so please, if you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias link or refer to my blog and use #mijocrochet and #XYscarf  ❤ This pattern is for personal use only, copyright Mijo Crochet.

37 thoughts on “XY Scarf

  1. Hi, I love your designs and would like to buy you a cup of coffee. However, I would like to avoid Paypal. You offer the option to pay with credit card, but even with that option one cannot get around Paypal. Am I doing something wrong?


  2. I always love your patterns and have crocheted lots of your shawls and scarfs.
    The XY looks nice, BUT why don’t you show it spread out? I can’t see the the and details, and I must admit that I don’t want to buy it without knowing how the finished work looks.
    Best regards your fan


    1. Hi Terne and thank you so much 🙂

      I thought the pictures shows that the scarf is triangular, but that might just be obvious for me because I know. This pattern is free so you dont have to buy it 😉
      Have a nice weekend,


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi again!
        Thank you for answering. After I posted I saw it’s a free pattern
        🙄 – silly me.
        Thank you for your patience
        – Terne


  3. I think you are my crochet hero 😀 your patterns are out of this world including the latest XY scarf thanks very much for the pattern ❣️


  4. Oh merci infiniment 🤩 il est magnifique, je finis le CAL du napperon d’abord, mais c’est vraiment très gentil


  5. Thanks for the free pattern!!!!😘😘 Will post my works inspired by you😃😃

    Sent from my iPhone



  6. I always like to receive your posts!

    The “Svenska” made me curious – what race are you? You don’t have to tell me. Just curious!


  7. Johanna: I want to apologize for my comments on the last MAL you sent out. When I read my remarks I was horrified at how callous they sounded and could not believe I sent them. You are such a talented artist and my favorite designer and I am truly sorry. You may not even remember me but I’m sure the comments had to have affected you. I’m sorry. I would pay for your designs any day, have paid for your designs and will continue to pay for them. They are THAT good. Annette



    1. Hi Anette and thank you for your message.

      I do remember your comments and as you said they did affect me. Thank you so much for your apology and of course the apology is accepted 🙂

      I wish you a lovely day,



  8. Hej! Vilken fin sjal 💕 Jag har precis börjat virka och tror att jag skulle klara av den här. Men jag hittar inte garnet skies light någonstans… Var har du köpt det?
    Med vänlig hälsning, Pernilla


    1. Hej 🙂
      Scheepjes-garner är tyvärr inte så vanliga i Sverige.
      Här finns alla deras återförsäljare listade, men alla har ju inte allt garn.

      Jag brukar använda 🙂

      Just denna sjalen kan du virka i vilket garn du vill eftersom det är superlätt att anpassa storleken.

      Vänliga hälsningar,



  9. Hi Johanna
    Thank you for your patterns.
    My husband has a cancer.I make shawls when i can’t sleep.
    Thank you so much


  10. This is such a beautiful scarf! I want to make it as shown, with the Scheepjes Skies Light in the 117 Circumcumulus and 116 Cumulonimbus. There are a number of vendors for this yarn, many in Europe. Do you know of any vendors in the US? Or a vendor in Europe that you could recommend? Thank you so much for your exquisite patterns and color combinations!


    1. Hi 🙂

      On you can find a list with all their vendors, also in US. I have used (UK) many times and are always happy with their service.
      I hope this helps 🙂



  11. Hello, and thank you for your beautiful designs. Can you recommend a youtube channel or any other resource to refresh the most basic crochet concepts? I have not crocheted in over 15 years and feel very rusty. Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi and thank you! 🙂
      I actually dont know where the best help is to find in English since I learned how to crochet via Swedish webpages.
      My advice is to ask in a crochet forum/group or just simply search on google.
      Kind regards,


  12. Bonjour Mijo
    Merci pour le tuto , je le garde pour plus tard
    Mon mari est décédé , je ne crochète plus pour le moment
    Bonne continuation


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