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Rainbow Mouse

♥♥♥ From March 5th to May 2nd 2022 all proceeds from this pattern was donated to Ukraine via UNHCR Sweden which is the Swedish section of UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency. This pattern is now for free and I hope these little mice will continue to spread love ♥♥♥

The Rainbow Mouse pattern is crocheted in a spiral from the tail to the nose in one sweep, ears included. You only need to sew/embroider the eyes and nose. These little critters are perfect little gifts and also a good way to use upp small amounts of cotton yarn.

Pattern features:

  • Written pattern in English (US and UK terminology), Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish.
  • Photos to show the neccesary steps of the pattern.
  • Full stitch count.


I recommend fingering 100% Cotton Yarn for this pattern. Approx. 4 gram color changing yarn for the body and 2-3 gram solid colored yarn for the head.

Hook: 2.5 mm or the size that suits your yarn.

Stitches used in this pattern (US terms):

Chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and treble.

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4 thoughts on “Rainbow Mouse

  1. Thank you for doing this for Ukraine people. This is a good idea plus the little mouse is cute and will work up quickly. Will buy thru Ravelry as soon as I’m finished with current project.

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  2. I wish it were so simple as Russia Putin bad mad man, Ukraine Zelensky good man. Neither are good. But, to be honest Citizens of both deserve love and respect. Politics is complicated. In today’s world, it is more tru than ever, evil is good, good is evil up is down, right is wrong left is right. Down the rabbit hole it goes. Dare to travel and fear what you will find. Because all is not what you think.

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    1. I agree that the common Russian people have nothing to do with the war against Ukraine, and they suffer a lot to. But at the moment the Ukraine people are in serious need of help and support.

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