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A couple of months ago I was asked by Scheepjes if I would like to design a shawl with their new yarn Scheepjes Whirligig. As you can imagine I got very excited and after deciding on which color to use I sat by the window looking for the mail man 😉

As most of you know I’m a big fan of Scheepjes Whirl and I was very eager to meet Whirl’s big sister made of virgin wool and alpaca. All soft and fluffy natural fibers in so many vibrant colors.

I decided to use the color 214, Sapphire to Jade, which you can see in the picture above. The richness of the colors are amazing and the yarn is as soft as it is described. Even if the yarn calls for a 3.5 – 4.0mm hook, I used a 5.0mm hook to make the shawl soft and to give it a beautiful drape. If you crochet with the same gauge / tension as indicated in the pattern you will get a generous sized and warm shawl that measures 200cm wide and 150cm along each side.

The lace pattern in this design together with this thicker yarn gives you shawl that is both classic and modern at the same time that can be used for any occation.

Make sure to block your finished shawl to enhance both drape and pattern before you use it. The natural fibers in this yarn blocks very well and wet blocking is recommended.

These pictures shows the fabulous Valyria shawl Agneta Lagerkrans (Instagram: @agnetalagerkrans) made when testing and proof reading this pattern. Agneta used a 5.0mm hook and Scheepjes Whirligig, color 211, Plum to Pink. As you can see in Agneta’s pictures the stitches really stands out after blocking. 

The Pattern:

The Valyria shawl pattern was released in “YARN The After Party 49” and the booklets are available in English (UK terms), German, Swedish and Dutch from Scheepjes retailers.

This pattern is also available as a digital download via Ravelry in English (UK and US terms), Swedish, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

Crochet Valyria with Scheepjes Whirl?

Many of you want to crochet the Valyria shawl with the thinner yarn Scheepjes Whirl instead of Whirligig. The result is a thinner and smaller shawl, but you can add some rows to make it bigger.
After row 47 repeat rows 40-47 or rows 12-25, then continue with rows 48-53 as per the pattern.
It is important that you add exactly these rows or the edge will not fit.

I hope this is a help for team Whirl!

20 thoughts on “Valyria

  1. Ah, beautiful and talented Johanna – you have done it yet again. It must always be pretty thrilling to see your lovely designs professionally produced … Never become blasé, will you ?! 🙂


    1. As always you are so kind ❤
      This is the first time my creation has been professionally photgraphed in a studio with a model and yes (!) it is so exciting. I couldnt wait to see these pictures and they did come out pretty amazing 😀


  2. Dearest Johanna,
    I just found the triangle shawl of my dreams on Ravelry (I’m so excited I can’t even remember what it’s called) and you are the designer. I have been searching for weeks for the perfect pattern and am so blessed to have found your patterns. You are so gifted to write all of these beautiful designs and share them with us. Thank you so much. I hope I live love enough (I’m 78 now) to crochet at least 20 of them. Hugs to you from Michigan. Marge


  3. This one is in the pipeline for me, just 1 year ago started with crochet and lot’s to learn, now learning your designs also with Whirligig Plum to Pink, trying to combine Secret Paths with Lost in Time and some free hand, Amazing patterns you make, love them.


  4. Morning,
    i have just discovered and am working with Whirligig and now I have found this pattern. It is so, so beautiful. It will definitely be my next project.
    Thanks Valerie in Ireland


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