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Tea Flower

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Tea Flower är en mjuk, lätt och följsam triangelformad sjal perfekt till sommaren. Sjalens kant består av små blommor och bidrar till en ännu somrigare känsla. Om den blommiga kanten inte är din grej så finns det en beskrivning på en alternativ picot-kant  i mönstret. Eftersom sjalen har ett glest mönster så rekommenderar jag en halv storlek mindre virknål än vad du brukar använda då sjalen kan bli “sladdrig” om maskorna virkas för löst.

Vill du fästa tofsar på din sjal finns det en enkel beskrivning på hur jag gör dem här


Sjalen på bilderna ovan är virkad i Scheepjes Whirl, 776 Rosewater Cocktail, med virknål 3.0 mm. Hela nystanet användes inte utan endast den lila/rosa/gula delen. Storleken är 160 x 115 x 115 cm efter blockning. Denna sjal kan göras i vilken storlek du vill.

Scheepjes Whirl kan du köpa via Caro’s Atelier * (som levererar i hela Europa) eller via någon av Scheepjes återförsäljare här.

Tea Flower is a soft and airy triangular shawl that drapes very well, perfect for the summer. The edge of the shawl is made of little flowers that gives it an even more summery feeling. If the flower edge is nothing for you, this pattern also provides you with a description of an alternative picot border. Since this pattern is so airy I recommend to use a 0.5 mm smaller hook size than you use too, to prevent the shawl from becoming flimsy.

If you like to add tassels there is a mini tutorial how I make mine here.


The shawl in the pictures above is made with Scheepjes Whirl, 776 Rosewater Cocktail, and hook 3.0 mm. I did not use the whole cake, just the purple/pink/yellow part. The size is 160 x 115 x 115 cm after blocking. This pattern can be made in any size.

You can buy Scheepjes Whirl via Caro’s Atelier * (which delivers throughout Europe) or from one of Scheepje’s retailers listed here.

Facebook group:

Min Facebook-grupp Mijo Crochet Hangout finns för att ställa frågor, dela bilder och socialisera med andra virkare.

My Facebook group Mijo Crochet Hangout is a place where you can ask questions, share pictures and socialize with other fellow crocheters.

Meine Facebook-Gruppe Mijo Crochet Hangout ist ein Platz wo Sie Fragen stellen können, Ihre Bilder posten und sich mit anderen Häkler/innen verbinden können.

Mönster / Pattern

Vill du stötta mitt arbete som virkdesigner, bjud mig på en kopp kaffe 🙂
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Svenska: Tea Flower
English/US: Tea Flower
Dutch: Tea Flower
French: Tea Flower
Spanish: Tea Flower
German: Tea Flower
Italian: Tea Flower
Polish: Tea Flower
Slovak: Tea Flower
Danish: Tea Flower

Blocka din sjal / Block your shawl:

Jag rekommenderar att blocka dina virkade sjalar för att framhäva maskdefinitionen, få en snyggare form och ett bättre fall. Information om hur man blockar finns här.

I recommend to block your crocheted shawls to increase the stitch definition, get a better shape and a more beautiful drape. Information about blocking is available here.

This blog post contains affiliate links (marked with *). It costs you nothing extra to visit the store via these links, but it ensures that I get credit for the sale. Thank you for your support ❤ / Johanna

59 thoughts on “Tea Flower

      1. Hi Tili! Just one cake is more than enough since this shawl is very airy. You can make it in any size you like. The size of my shawl is 160 x 115 x 115 (the yellow/pink one). All this info is also provided in the pattern 🙂


      2. Thank you! Specially for your patience!!
        I cannot think up the lovely patterns that you create, but you give life to a wonderful dream. I will say this over and over: the designs and colours are so unique and so classy! You are Crochet Royalty!!❤


  1. This is lovely! And thanks for sharing the pattern! I’m not sure if I missed anything, but isn’t it missing a 1Dc in next Dc after the first chain 3 on the 3rd row of the English pattern? It looks like this is missing on the second side of the work.


    1. Thank you Simonne! Yes, there is a “dc, ch 3” missing in row 3. I have now corrected this 🙂 Thank you so much for letting me now, much appreciated ❤


      1. Dear Johanna: please edit my post that says” it is in my mind ” I actually meant to say that I cannot think up the lovely patterns that you create, but you give life to a wonderful dream. Thank you again for that.🌹


  2. Crikey … almost lost for words.
    Anyone who can consistently come up with designs as lovely as yours must be a very nice person, with a beautiful spirit.


  3. Thanks a lot for the pattern. Am sure this will be another hit from you like secret paths and Lost in time. By the way, in as much as this is a free pattern, maybe you can provide the diagram? Am used to working on diagrams than written.. Thank you so much… i really admire your work Ms. Johanna. Vangie Walz

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Hi, and thank you so much! I don’t draw diagrams anymore since they get stolen and spread all over the web for exampel on pinterest and other personal blogs :/


  4. I like your patterns very much. I made the lost in time but it came out too short for the tassled look. I am very discouraged and wish you had included a gauge. I spent a lot of money and time to make this and am not happy at all.
    Dont crocheters use gauges?


    1. Thank you Karen! When I make a pattern that can be repeated until the size you like and that can be made with any yarn I dont use gauge. Cant you add repetitions to increase the size you would want? Im sorry you feel bad about this pattern.


    2. My understanding is that gauge is not that important on most of these patterns as the beauty of Mijo’s patterns is that it can be adapted to all kinds of yarn. You may want to play around with hooksizes as well, I find my gauge varies widely depending on the combination of yarn and hook size.


  5. I started this pattern mainly because I really loved the flowered border. Unfortunately I simply can’t figure out how to go from the first to second flower without winding up with a twisted mess. I would appreciate any help you can give me.


  6. Hello,
    I came upon this post be accident, and it is beautiful ! I will continue to read this post and try to make some of these wonderful projects. Wish me luck!!


  7. Hello Johanna, thank you so very much for this lovely pattern! How much of the Whirl cake would you say the flower border would need? I’d like to make the shawl as large as I can possible make it but don’t want to run the risk of running out of yarn.


    1. Hi, Im happy you like this pattern 🙂
      The amount of yarn for the flowers depend on how many rows you made before the border, its therefor a very tricky question. You can crochet a flower and wheight it, count how many flowers that would be needed for your edge and make the maths if you can go on or not.
      I hope this helps,

      Liked by 1 person

  8. By the way, in case it helps someone else in future sharing the same goal, I just want to mention one single flower did not register on the scale and I didn’t want to waste yarn on making a larger number that were going to go to waste. So Instead, I made one flower, frogged it and measured how much yarn it took. That length allowed me to then calculate how long I can safely keep going on the body of the shawl with my Whirl cake.


  9. Beautiful shawl. I can’t believe how you designers can give the pattern for free. I am a brand new crocheter, and have got so many lovely patterns. And such a well written pattern as well. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and your patience and grace in answering questions. In this lockdown, crochet has helped me a lot.


  10. perhaps this is due to my gauge, but when i work on the shawl it comes out more of a diamond then triangle shape. does this change after blocking or am i following the pattern incorrectly?


  11. Hi 🙂 my question is quite simple – you do each flower is separate, then cut the yarn and start again correct?


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