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Stitch Markers & Earrings

I have always loved semiprecious stones and now I have found a way to work with them! I am one of those who love pretty accessories and these stitch markers really makes me happy. Each stone has it’s own beauty and it is really hard to pick a favorite.

All my stitchmarkers are made with nickel safe metall for jewelry crafting and semiprecious stones or glass beads. The ones for crochet has an openable light bulb clasp (inner diameter 9 mm), and the ones for knitting is not openable and can be found in different sizes for both thin and thicker needles.

As I started to sell my stitch markers via Etsy many told me they are so pretty they should be jewelry. I thought about it and designed my own ear hooks that made it possible to hang your stitch marker charms/stones in them.

The earhooks for interchangeable charms are made with nickel safe tarnish resistant brass Artistic Wire®, nickel safe Silver Plated Tarnish Resistant Artistic Wire® or Sterling Silver. They are light wheight and it is very easy to change the charm. The video below shows you how you change your charms.

If you like to add some besutiful handmade stitch markers or earrings to your collection please visit my Etsy Shop. I have worldwide free shipping!

6 thoughts on “Stitch Markers & Earrings

  1. You beautiful creature ! – how like you with your history of glorious garments, to have come up with such a lovely idea !!
    I am about to move house (flat, I should say) – next Wednesday – and am as madly occupied as you would imagine: but once settled in my new place, I shall visit your store (again) and make some very hard choices. 😀


    1. You are just so sweet! Thank you! ❤
      I have just made a big batch of new markers and earrings for a market tomorrow, and afterwards I will put all that is left on Etsy. Hopefully there will be plenty to choose from 😀
      Best of luck with your move! / Johanna

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  2. These are lovely, Johanna, and especially nice doing double duty. The design of your shepherd hooks is very graceful. You have also given me an idea about what to do with the remaining earring after I lost its mate!


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