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Petals & Leaves Shawl


This is the Petals & Leaves Shawl that was published in YARN 8 – Tea Room, a Book-a-zine by Scheepjes, that was released last week. This book-a-zine includes 16 different crochet and knit patterns, all different but equally gorgeous. Im super proud to be a part of this publications together with all these great designers.

The caption of this shawl in the book-a-zine reads:

“Luxury and romance are a match made in heaven. Echoing floral patterns, this lace work shawl is enhanced by an ombré colour effect.”

And yes, the Scheepjes Whirligig yarn is really luxurious both to touch and look at. I used the colour 201 Grey to Lavender for my shawl, starting from the middle of the cake. If you use the same gauge as indicated in the pattern you will get a generous sized and warm shawl that measures 200 cm wide and 145 cm along each side.

Make sure to block your finished shawl to enhance both drape and pattern before you use it. The natural fibers in this yarn blocks very well and wet blocking is recommended.

The Pattern:

The Petals & Leaves Shawl pattern was released in the YARN 8 – Tea Room, a Book-a-zine by Scheepjes, and the book-a-zines are available in English (UK terms) and Dutch from Scheepjes retailers.


20 thoughts on “Petals & Leaves Shawl

  1. There is, apparently (and obviously), no end to your creative talent, beautiful Johanna.
    This gorgeous shawl is well complimented by an almost equally gorgeous model. 🙂


      1. I regret having to ask this somewhat puerile question; but did you receive a “coffee”from me just recently ? I want to be sure the system is working …


  2. Do you also have your free pattern using American terms? And where do I find the pattern? I realize that you stated that it was published in that magazine, but is it also on line?
    I think the pattern is just beautiful, as are ALL of your creations. So much talent!!! I am so thankful, that you share your talents with us. Thank You so much!!!!!!


  3. Sorry, anything published on Ravelry I will not purchase. You see, these lovely, all inclusive individuals have told people like me they are not wanted on this site. So much for bigots. Any they say we’re the fascists. Anyway, I’m surviving better than ever now that I do not patronize Ravelry. Hope you don’t have the same point of view as these people? Let me know and I’ll be happy, not to patronize your products either. Sad, but necessary since they are such a ‘mean girls’ group and such hatred in their hearts towards anyone who does not think like them. ________________________________


  4. This design is absolutely gorgeous! I just purchased it from Ravelry.
    I have a question though: is the pattern in the “US” term english oder “UK” term english? It always confuses me cause I’m german and what is a normal “Stäbchen” in german is a double crochet in US english and a treble in UK. I don’t want to start it off all wrong…


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