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Filten Northling arbetas på tvären eller längden efter tycke, och strukturen arbetas fram genom reliefmaskor och små knoppar av dubbelstolpar. Det blir några extra garnändar att fästa men nöjet att skapa struktur och mönster med färger och olika maskor överväger om ni frågar mig. Filten kan göras hur stor eller liten man vill, i mönstret beskrivs hur man anpassar mönstret efter önskade mått.

The Northling blanket is worked in rows either from the long side or short side depending what you like. The structure is made of post stitches and small bobbles of trebles. There will be some extra ends to sew in to make this pattern, but that is all the structure and colouring worth, don’t you think? You can make your blanket any size you like, and there are instructions in the pattern how to do so.

Den filten jag gjorde var en babyfilt i garnet Scheepjes Merino Soft 50g från Favoritgarner och det gick åt 4 nystan av färg 630 och 3 nystan av färg 637 (virknål 4,5 mm). Merino Soft är gjort av 50% Superwash extra fine Merinoull, 25% Micro och 25% akryl vilket gör det supermjukt och även tvättbart i maskin.

Andra garner som skulle passa fint till denna design är de olika varianterna av Scheepjes Soft Fun (Soft Fun, Soft Fun Aquarel och Soft Fun Denim) vilka är mjuka blandgarn av 60% bomull och 40% akryl som tål maskintvätt. Scheepjes Colour Crafter är ett annat alternativ. Detta akrylgarn kommer i stora fluffiga 100g-nystan och är väldigt mjukt och luftigt (och kan maskintvättas). Eftersom Colour Crafter också är väldigt prisvärt är det ett bra alternativ om du vill göra en stor filt.

The blanket I made was baby sized and I used the yarn Scheepjes Merino Soft 50g. I used 4 skeins of colour 630 and 3 skeins of colour 637 and hook 4.5 mm. Merino Soft is made of 50% Superwash extra fine Merinoull, 25% Micro and 25% acrylic which makes is very soft. (It can also be machine washed).

Other yarns that would be great for this blanket is the three variations of Scheepjes Soft Fun (Soft Fun, Soft Fun Aquarel och Soft Fun Denim) which is made of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic or Scheepjes Colour Crafter, the soft acrylic yarn that comes in so many colours.

Jag lägger ner mycket tid och kärlek både på att arbeta fram och skriva mina mönster, så om du använder mina mönster och lägger ut på sociala medier önskar jag att du länkar eller hänvisar till min blogg och använder #mijocrochet  ❤

I spend alot of time and love in creating and writing down my patterns, so please, if you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias link or refer to my blog and use #mijocrochet  ❤

Mönster / Pattern:
Svenska: Northling
English / US: Northling


76 thoughts on “Northling

      1. This is such a beautiful blanket, I really want to make for my mom’s birthday. But I can’t open the pattern.


    1. dear johanna I have been trying to get your pattern on northling in English with no success could you please help me. the pattern looks so beautiful, and I would like to try it. email hope to hear from you soon thank you helen


      1. This blanket is really very pretty.. but I checked all the links, but this file cannot be found. How do I download the pattern ?


      2. From what I have read over the years the problem with downloads could be a browser issue. If only a few people are having these issues it could be they’re all using the same browser – such as Internet Explorer, for example. Perhaps suggesting crocheters try Firefox or Chrome instead to see if they have better luck.

        I hope that wasn’t too wordy and was of some help.

        Gorgeous, gorgeous crochet patterns, Johanna.


      3. Hi and thank you so much! ❤

        That could absolutely be the case. I use Chrome/Firefox and never have issues with links. I will keep your advice in mind 🙂

        Have a nice day,



  1. I have not been able to open your. I’ve tried the link to your website and only get picture and description but not the actual pattern. Any suggestions? I would really like to make this blanket. Thank you


  2. Im thinking of this for an adults throw. but have no idea how many chain to start for that? is there a standard number to use?


    1. I read the whole pattern again and found the answer to my previous question. Thank you for being so thorough with your instructions. I’m loving my results. Thanks again for sharing.


  3. Hello! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, it is gorgeous! I do have a question about how to work on the back side of the pattern without turning the work over (like on row 4)– I don’t know how to do that. Do you mean I have to work from left to right by crocheting with my left hand instead of my right? Or am I using a reverse double crochet (us)? Or something else?
    Thank you!


      1. Thank you. I’m sitting here going crazy, trying to figure it out. Promised my husband, I would make this for him before reading the instructions 🤐. I assumed I would be able to find a video on this pattern.


  4. This is THE most beautiful pattern – thank you so much! I’ve downloaded the pattern OK, and now just need to know how much yarn I need for a much bigger blanket. You don’t have a handy link to sizes/ yarn needed / number of starting chains do you?


    1. Thank you Barbara! I just made this baby sized blanket but I have seen people making much bigger sizes. My advice would be to look at the projects with this pattern on 🙂


  5. Hi!
    I’m in L.O.V.E with your patterns and wonderful choice of colours. Gorgeous!

    Just started working on the Northling blanket and I’m at R8 now, R7 starts with standing dc?…is that right?
    Because I’m confused with how to start R8 as it says to make a standing sc in the 1st sc.

    Please help 💕


    1. Thank you! 🙂

      I just checked the pattern and there is an error in row 7. Row 7 should start with 1 standing sc, not a dc. Im very sorry and will correct this as soon as possible.


  6. Is there a video link? I am missing something when I do my first row of the second. Plot I am one stitch short. Maybe I should have done another double crochet on the previous roe? I counted my chain 2 as a double crochet but don’t know where to start with the first standing crochet😬 Sorry, beginner here! Lol


  7. I love this blanket, but tried all the links and cannot find the pattern. 😦 Please let me know where I can find the pattern.


  8. thank you for sharing your beautiful work, was trying to find a fellow crocheter did its a shawl on mijocrochet, morben design, edlothia design. do you have this one? not sure where to look I tried several was in the search and not found.


  9. Hi Johanna,
    this pattern I found just in time for I am going to be a grandmother in about half a year. Time enough to make this beautiful blanket for the little one to come. I love your patterns and the Lost in Time is next on the list. Thank you so much for the patterns. I also admire your color choice. Keep up the good work.


  10. I would love to make this beautiful how key but the pattern link won’t open and I couldn’t get get the pattern.


  11. Hellooo. I want to say thank you for taking the time to share your creative skills. I am in the process of making this blanket for my husband as our anniversary gift.
    My question, though, did you change yarn color at each point, where you cut the yarn?


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