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Secret Paths

Denna Secret Paths är gjord i Scheepjes Whirl, 789, Tasty Nom Nom. Mer information om just denna sjal, så som virkfasthet, storlek, nål etc, hittar du här.

This Secret Paths is made with Scheepjes Whirl, 789, Tasty Nom Nom. You can find more information about this shawl, such as gauge, size and hook size here.

Till denna vita-rosa sjal använde jag garnet Cotton Flower 200 g från Favoritgarner och virknål 4.0 mm. Du kan använda vilket garn du vill och addera eller ta bort varv, tex varv 5-18 som upprepas, för att få rätt storlek. Se bara till att avsluta med ett popkorn-varv innan du börjar med kanten.

For this white and pink shawl I used the yarn Cotton Flower 200 g from Favoritgarner and hook 4.0 mm. You could use any yarn and just add or exclude rows, for example row 5-18 that is repeated, to make it the right size. Just make sure to end with a popcorn-row before making the edge.

Mönster / Pattern: 

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Svenska: Secret Paths
English (US terms): Secret Paths
Dansk: Secret Paths
Dutch: Secret Paths
Finnish:  Secret Paths
French: Secret Paths
German: Secret Paths
Hungarian: Secret Paths
Japanese: Secret Paths
Portuguese: Secret Paths
Russian: Secret Paths
Slovak: Secret Paths
Spanish: Secret Paths
Spanish Stitch tutorials: Tutoriales de puntos


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My Facebook group Mijo Crochet Hangout is a place where you can ask questions, share pictures and socialize with other fellow crocheters.

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370 thoughts on “Secret Paths

    1. It’s Beautiful, but I didn’t fine a pattern in English! 🤔 I guess I will figure it out from photo, when I get ready to make it! It’s pretty!


      1. On the stitch chart on row 29 it says thin(3) bf pc. What does that mean?


    1. Hi Marsha, that is a very hard question. It depends on your crochet skills, what yarn you use and how big you want your shawl to end up. When I make my shawls with a 3,5 mm hook it takes at least 20 hours.
      Kind regards,


  1. It is very kind of you to give us the Secret Paths shawl pattern for free. My problem is that I am taking so much time counting and recounting. Could I possibly purchase the pattern with the stitch count? Many thanks, Maureen


      1. This is a beautiful shawl. I have just started it, and I am excited to be working on such a lovely crochet shawl pattern.


  2. Hi. I am in love with this shawl. Should I be crocheting through both loops in rows 2 and 3? My work is very flat. It doesnt seem to have the prominent ridges as in the pictures. Thanks.


    1. i worked in both loops. It is flat so that when you work frontpost or backpost, these stitches will be more prominent.


  3. Dag
    Bij rij 17, moet je niet steeds een steek overslaan. Anders vermeerderd je toch te veel steken …
    Alvast bedankt voor je antwoord!


  4. Everyone is talking about stitch count. I have not found anything telling me what each row count should be. Can you please give me the stitch count for the rows? Thank you


      1. What I also noticed is the sides are one off. I assume that that is the way you want it because from the beginning you have 4 on one side of the 2ch and 5 on the other. Is this correct?


      2. Hi again 🙂
        The ch3 in the beginning of a row counts as 1 dc. That is why you work the last stitches of a row in the third ch in the beginning of previous row. The sides are always symmetrical with the same number of stitches 🙂


    1. Hej, jag använde ett cakegarn med 1000 meter 🙂 Eftersom mönstret går att upprepa till sjalen har den storlek man önskar kan man använda vilket garn man vill.


  5. Bonjour,
    Ce modèle est vraiment superbe, mais je n’arrive pas à l’ouvrir en français,
    Lorsque je clique sur le lien j’ai une page blanche
    Merci pour votre aide


    1. Hi,
      I just tried the link and it works fine from here. Do you have something that stops pop up windows? You can also try to open it from another device or another web browser.
      Kind regards,


  6. I really enjoy your patterns. I have made several already and am looking forward to more. Keep up the great work!


  7. Hej! Den är så fin och jag gjorde den som nybörjare men då hade jag för lite garn och den blev liggande ofärdig… tänkte nu göra en ny, men blev osäker på garnåtgången. Tänkte använda ett cakegarn. Räcker 1000 m? Du skrev att du hade 200 gr…


  8. Hi I love this shawl and I start with it but I want to know please the popcorn and puffy stitches, because I can’t access the link so can you help me plz


  9. I am having trouble with the shawl bubbling outwards in the first 13 rounds. Is this common? Will it correct as I work?


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