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Twin Petal join


Hi all! This is my first pattern that I share on this blogg and I call it the Twin Petal join. Later on I will share the Diamond petal square and Petal edging square with you too, I just have to draw them down 🙂

I hope you will enjoy this pattern and if you use Instagram my name there is @mijocrochet.



16 thoughts on “Twin Petal join

    1. how do I get the reto vibe square pattern to come up in English US I click on it and it does not come up. Your work is so so beautiful want to make the above afghan so bad but not in English. Help please. Thank you in advance


  1. Your patterns are simply gorgeous!!! I would love make the diamond petal square. Please let me know how to get that pattern! I have saved most of your patterns and they will be my first things to do as soon as I finish my current wip! Thanks for everything!

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  2. Bravo! I am in awe of your work! Beautifully done! Love your patterns! Thank You so much for sharing with us your patterns and showing us your gorgeous work!


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